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The cornerstone of any successful application is the choice of the right materials to suit the specific needs of the customer. Hanwha Azdel has the knowledge and experience to assist our customers with selecting the appropriate materials and grades to ensure that these application specific needs are met in the best, most cost effective manner. Hanwha Azdel is able to offer broad based technical know-how to help you win with your applications in today's demanding business arena.


Our Technical Representatives are available to consult and advise our customers in several aspects of the application development process from initial design through production launch, and beyond.


Customer Focus Center

Development of new and innovative materials, processes, and associated operations is key to the future success of any new application. The Customer Focus Center (CFC) is a state-of-the-art development facility located in Fenton, Michigan. The CFC has over 8,000 ft² of shop floor space dedicated to product and process development and validation. We set up the CFC in early 2007 in recognition of several key industry needs:


  • Development & validation of customer applications.
  • Internal processing validation of New Products.
  • Development of design and processing guidelines.
  • A customer trial resource away from internal production limitations.


Forming Capabilities

  • 4-station rotary thermoformer
  • Capable of vacuum forming, pressure forming, & twin-sheet forming
  • Platen size approx. 64” x 100”
  • Top & bottom quartz heating elements with 110 zones per bank
  • Oven Watt Density of 32 W/in²
  • Shuttle speed between stations of around 4 seconds
  • Maximum sheet size of 62” x 98”

Future expansion of capabilities & equipment is planned, including processing of Hanwha Azdel’s new family of IXIS® composites for vehicle body panels.

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